Repainting A Flamingo With Nailpolish.

And now for something completely different: I wanted to repaint and bedazzle a new but somewhat broken little car accessoire, a solar powered flamingo!

I used only regular nailpolish, some opal rhinestones and a ton of glitter.

There will be a new nailart video online soon ;)

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Rosegold & Leopard Print Nailart.

Hi lovelies,

For today I have a new nail art video up :D I really hope you like the design as much as I do. I LOVE rosegold and leopard print and combined together they look bomb dot com if you ask me!

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How I Cut My Own Hair!

Since I talked about cutting my own hair and how I have been doing that for years and years, people have been asking me how I do it. So here it is ;)

I DO recommend to use legit hair cutting scissors and a lot of practice on cutting straight. DO NOT USE regular kitchen scissors, those will damage your hair!

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