Chatty Get Ready With Me!

Recorded this random chatty makeup look last weekend when I was home alone :) I didn’t really have a plan what to do for eyemakeup but this is how it turned out eventually! I hope you enjoy and if you want more videos like this please let me know in the comments down below. (And thanks for subscribing!)

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Get To Know Femketje – January 2018.

Hi my lovelies! How’ve you all been doing? The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy and mostly stressful because of recent and most of all sudden changes at work. But now we’re settling in a bit again so I hope next month will be a little more calm at my fulltime job. And I also do hope I get some more spare time to record some more nail art videos!

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Column – You Don’t Have To Be Perfect.

Hi my lovelies! I am really trying to make my 2018 resolutions come alive and by doing so I also want to share my thoughts about a few of them. One of my resolutions, or more like one of my goals is to not put so much pressure on myself.

Trying to be more calm and relaxed about daily life and not stressing out about how much household chores there still need to be done. To allow myself to relax and let it go. Now I think about it, it actually is crazy to expect myself to do so much work: I have a fulltime job, a daily blog and YT, a gorgeous husband and family to spend time with…. But where am I and where’s my wellbeing in all of this? It is time to pull on that red break thingy people!

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