Get To Know Femketje – January 2018.

Hi my lovelies! How’ve you all been doing? The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy and mostly stressful because of recent and most of all sudden changes at work. But now we’re settling in a bit again so I hope next month will be a little more calm at my fulltime job. And I also do hope I get some more spare time to record some more nail art videos!

So the first couple of days of January were mostly just resting from all of the holidays and work. I also got pretty sick for about a week, my throat was hurting like crazy and I couldn’t make a sound at all :’) So I wasn’t able to go to work and that sucked! I really can’t sit still well so I was glad I could return to work within a couple of days. In that same week I was sick at home, there had been a lot of changes at work. So the week after that (last week) we started working on our new location and I also have different workdays now and an actual weekend on saturday and sunday :) So you won’t hear me complain! It’s the first time ever I have a job where I only work mondays to fridays.

But since work has been pretty stressy, I had to take some time off of recording videos and blogging. I even took my weekends off of instagram and email. I do feel like I am getting back on track for my blog and I even got a few video ideas in my head already.

Earlier this week I also went to my doctors’ office to get my skin checked, the acne is coming back unfortunately… So that is a little “work in progress” again but I do feel like it is a battle we’re going to win :)

How has your month been?

x femketje

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