Column – You Don’t Have To Be Perfect.

Hi my lovelies! I am really trying to make my 2018 resolutions come alive and by doing so I also want to share my thoughts about a few of them. One of my resolutions, or more like one of my goals is to not put so much pressure on myself.

Trying to be more calm and relaxed about daily life and not stressing out about how much household chores there still need to be done. To allow myself to relax and let it go. Now I think about it, it actually is crazy to expect myself to do so much work: I have a fulltime job, a daily blog and YT, a gorgeous husband and family to spend time with…. But where am I and where’s my wellbeing in all of this? It is time to pull on that red break thingy people!

I think a lot of us are struggling with finding peace and some rest in this way too busy life and world. I am one of those people too. I can’t sit still. I have trouble sleeping because I worry a lot and think about all the stuff that still needs to be done. I am like a nightly planner or something. A worrying vampire! For some reason I really start overlooking and overthinking things when I am at rest… Or at least trying to be at ease and rest because I’m supposed to sleep in those hours. Which result in being tired all the time and having issues getting out of bed in the mornings.

Lately I have been trying to plan in more me time. Just really taking about an hour a day to chill the fuck out! When I take my me time I for example take a bath, watch some youtube videos or bingewatch a bit of my favourite netflix series. Hell, I even do my nails and make a tutorial video of it. That is my way of relaxing. As I said before and as I will keep on saying: doing my nails is like therapy for me. It makes me calm and what’s even better is that you have a cool manicure afterwards aswell :D

If you are like me, struggling with relaxing and finding some peace in your mind, try out some new things and see if you can reflect on it and yourself afterwards. Did it make you a little less stressed? Did it make you feel just a little bit more happy? Do you look more rested?

Letting go of that pressure we lay upon ourselves can be so liberating. There is no need to be perfect all the time. After all: flaws are what make us unique!

Take time for yourself. A burnout is way too messy and once you are burned up… all what’s left are ashes. And we don’t want that to happen to any of you gorgeous people now do we? :)

x femketje

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7 thoughts on “Column – You Don’t Have To Be Perfect.”

  1. Thank you for post :). I think we all need at some point during our week our everyday to stay still and not rush into things , it’s important for our well-being.

    I need to say that your absolutely gorgeous on your picture :)

    noémie xx

  2. Heel herkenbaar, ik probeer ook al een tijdje wat liever voor mezelf te zijn. Wat meer vrije tijd te hebben voor mezelf. Daar knap je heel wat van op :-)

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