My Favourite Budgetproof Mascaras.

It isn’t a coincidence that in this blogpost there are only Essence Cosmetics mascaras I’m sharing as my favourites. Because they are so damn good and super affordable! All mascara’s shown are the regular black ones, so no waterproof mascaras can be found in my stash ;3

My number one definitely is the hot pink packaged I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume mascara. This one is still available in stores and I am so happy about that because it works like a dream. Well, at least it does on my lashes! The brush is straight but has tiny hair like bristles which separate really well. First up I didn’t really like this mascara when I just got it, but now I LOVE IT!

The second one is the Instant Volume Boost mascara. I actually wrote a review of that one not too long ago. It was a mascara that had to grow on me. It gives a deep dark black colour and a decent amount of volume at the base of the lashes. But it can be a tad clumpy when you apply too much. One coat is more than enough with this mascara. The brush is a whole lot more dense and has a ton of product on it, so swipe off if you don’t want to get spider lashes ;)

The third one is also one I have some backups from, the False Lashes mascara. This one separates so lovely and without any struggle. The mascara is a bit bended into a curve and has a somewhat denser volume in bristles.

The fourth and last one (Volume Stylist curle and hold) is a mascara that really needed some time to grow on me. The formula is a lot less wet than I am used to and I always apply two coats of this one. I also like using this one in combination with the Instant Volume Boost mascara to give just that little extra “umpf” to the lashes. The brush of this mascara is also a little curved and has longer bristles on one side.

What is your favourite (essence) mascara?

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4 thoughts on “My Favourite Budgetproof Mascaras.”

  1. Ik heb eigenlijk nog niet vaak een Essence mascara geprobeerd! Eens ik door mijn voorraad heen ben wil ik zeker eens die Lash Princess uitproberen en jij hebt me nu heel benieuwd gemaakt naar die roze verpakking volume mascara!:-)

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