Aliexpress Canni & Venalisa Peacock Gelpolish Swatches.

I love swatching new polishes, especially gelpolishes with tons of flakies and glitters. A few weeks ago I orderd some new peacock gelpolishes from the Canni and Venalisa brand from Aliexpress. These are safe to use and still really affordable :)

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Mermaid Gelpolish Nailart On Natural Nails.

The night before my 28th birthday last month, I wanted to make myself some cute pastel embellished mermaid nails. Here is the tutorial part one, with gelpolishes. I also made a mermaid design using regular nailpolishes only, that one will be uploaded soon too!

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Halloween Spider Gelpolish Design.

My 6th and final halloween nailart design is one made with gelpolish. I didn’t have enough time to make more than just one with gelpolish, but there is always next year and 5 designs I did with regular nailpolish (which are easy to recreate with gels too).

All gelpolishes used are by pink gellac, embellishments I got from aliexpress aswell as the gold leaf flakes :)

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Aliexpress Venalisa Gelpolish Swatches.

In my last aliexpress gelpolish haul I got a massive amount of Venalisa pure colour gel pots, and today I am swatching all of them! I hope you enjoy and do let me know what colours you like most :)

The mermaid nail art design I am wearing in this video is already recorded as a tutorial and scheduled in to upload soon!

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BIG Aliexpress Gelpolish Haul!

I went a little crazy by ordering 50+ pots of gelpolish ^^” I also got some other peackock flakie gelpolishes and they are soooo pretty!

After my previous gelpolish haul I got lots of feedback about what brands are safe to use and what others would recommend me, so I checked them out myself and got some. I will be doing seperate videos swatching all of my new items, but for now enjoy this haul :)

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