Pink Gellac Sustainable Manicure Kits🍃

Pink Gellac just came out with 3 limited edition sustainable manicure kits, and they were kind enough to send me all 3! The sustainable limited edition kits are packaged in recycled paper boxes and pink gellac is also cruelty free! At the moment they’re also discounted from 99 euros to 69 euros, so that’s a pretty good deal for a great starter kit if you ask me :D

In this video I am only opening and trying out one of the boxes since I already have the other two colours in my collection. All boxes contain the same products but only differ in coloured gel polish. I am planning on hosting a giveaway soon to share some of the PR items that I got doubles of with my subscribers, so keep an eye out for a giveaway video!

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Mermaid Gelpolish Nailart On Natural Nails.

The night before my 28th birthday last month, I wanted to make myself some cute pastel embellished mermaid nails. Here is the tutorial part one, with gelpolishes. I also made a mermaid design using regular nailpolishes only, that one will be uploaded soon too!

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