🌧️Holo Rain Clouds Nail Art.

I am just crazy about the 16 piece holographic nail polish collection that Born Pretty Store sent me about 2 months ago or so, it’s just so much fun to use and very versatile too! I decided to make a cute blue holo rain cloud design with those holo polishes aswell as a stamping plate and white stamping polish. It’s so easy to DIY and cute to recreate in other colours too. Don’t forget to use my 20% discount code (FEM20) when you’re ordering some new nail goodies yourself at Born Pretty Store :)

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☁️Cute Cloud Nail Art (EASY DIY Gradient On Natural Nails)☁️

This idea got stuck in my head for a couple of weeks and I just had to make them on a pink to blue gradient base :3 Let me know what you think about this design, it’s super easy to diy and I adored wearing these for over a week!

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