Nails – Xmas Is Coming!

I love glitter, especially now the holiday season has started! This simple but super shiny nails were made with just 2 polishes and some base + topcoat. Who is ready to get glammed up for xmas? :D

So as usual start by painting your nails with a decent amount of basecoat to protect you natural nails. I added two thin coats of a blue Essence Cosmetics metallic nailpolish (I did get this one in a PR package), and made sure that was completely dry before adding the glitter polish.

The glitter nailpolish is one I got in Thailand when we were there back in October this year, and is by te brand Ten Ten. I added 2 layers and let it dry for about 10 minutes. To finish it off and to make my manicure last for at least a week, I added a Catrice Cosmetics topcoat. I believe it was the quick dry and high shine one ;)

Eventhough blue isn’t a super xmas-y colour, I really do like wearing it this time of year. What is your favourite colour to wear for xmas?

x femketje

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