Essence – Instant Volume Boost Mascara.

A little while ago I received some nice Essence Cosmetics products which are already sold in stores right now. One of those items was this new Instant Volume mascara, and I was super curious to see if this could be my next favourite mascara, since Essence has always been one of my favourite mascara brand.

The brush is a super straight real hair/fiber one. No rubbery or flexible brush hairs, just the good old regular stuff ;) I don’t mind brushes like these, but since there is no curve in the brush, it can be a little tricky to apply mascara right onto the inner corner lashes and the tiny ones on the bottom lashline.

The mascara claims to be intense black and smudge proof, give you awesome volume within 10 seconds and it isn’t waterproof. About the intense black part they’re definitely right and I do feel like this mascara stays put just on the lashes I applied it. But due to my long lashes it does rub off a little bit underneath the eye because of the bottom lashes and my oily skin type. I have to admit that that is something most mascaras do on me personally when applied to the bottom lashes, but this one did stay put up to 6 to 7 hours of wear!

I can’ t really say this mascara gave me some epic outstanding volume, nor did it only take 10 seconds, but it does give my lashes a nice coat of mascara. The brush doesn’t seperate the lashes that well on it’s own, so it does need a little work in that departement. It can be a little clumpy!

To me, this is a mascara I will be trying out more on different occasions, but it is not my favourite so far. This mascara goes for 2,99 in stores now.

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    1. Soms zit het mee en soms zit het tegen denk ik dan altijd maar. Gelukkig heeft Essence nog genoeg andere pareltjes in het assortiment ;D

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