Nails – Royal Nude With Gold Glitter & Studs.

Lately I have been loving nude colours on my nails. And since I had a new nude polish from the brand Essence (I scored it for just €0,90 in sale!) I wanted to try it out paring it with one of my fave gold glitter polishes from Catrice. But since I didn’t want to make another full glitter nail design, I glued on some cute gold metal studs in 2 different shapes on 2 of the nails.

The gold glitter is applied fully on the ringfinger (on top of the nude polish which was already applied to all of the nails on forehand), and I made a glitter gradient nail on the pinky- and thumb nails. It really is a super easy nail design, so do try it our for yourself! <3

x femketje

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