Get To Know Femketje – August 2017.

Hi guys! Since August has come to an end already I thought it was high time to share a new personal update blogpost with you guys :D

So august has been busy. Busy with work, busy with personal stuff which I had to deal and handle with and just busy with EVERYTHING. I went to tons of birthday parties and even took a week off of work because I was feeling super stressed out in life. Sometimes I wonder if working over 40 hours a week is something that is taking it’s toll on me. To be clear, I work 40 hours a week at my daytime job from Tuesday-Saturday, so I have my “normal” weekends on Sunday and Monday. Which means I have to take care of everything around the house in the evenings and those two days. As far as blogging I try to still work ahead about a week at a time, so usually on Sundays I work ahead for an entire week, make sure all the photos I took earlier of all of my looks and nail art, aswell as editing my weekly video(s), are done and ready to write blogposts about the rest of the day.

So life is busy, but that is a good thing. Personally I can’t sit still well easy and I actually have to take time off to relax. And that is also something I struggle with. I find it hard to relax completely and I think that is why I got overworked at the end of July/start of August. So now I try to plan that extra relax/me time in and I actually force myself to sit down and watch a movie, paint my nails for fun, read a magazine etc. etc.

I also wanted to thank you for all the kind words here on the blog, on instagram, facebook and especially youtube. I did start a new channel so I started right from the bottom again. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE 200+ SUBBIES!!! Oh and I am going to put up a small giveaway (or two) soon!

I love you guys <3

x femketje

PS: yesterday was our 3rd year wedding anniversary already, hooray!

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