Back To School – My Tips & Tricks!

The weeks of fun and long nights of parties and sleeping in are over. School has started again for most of the kids here in Holland and since it has been YEARS since I last went to school (I graduated in spring 2012 from uni) I thought it would be fun if I would share some of my tips and tricks regarding school-life!

So it might feel like ages since I had my last school/uni-day, I do have some tips and tricks which can be helpfull when starting a new year at a possible new school.

My first tip is to wear as less makeup as possible. You don’t want to worry all day long if you concealer/foundation, contour and lashes are still in place. Focus on the classes and hang out with friends in recess. Don’t spend your short life looking in a mirror ;)

Try to make new friends from day one! They will last years and if you are lucky they will last even years after school aswell <3

Have as much fun as possible. School is mandatory so you better make the best of it and have some fun while at it. Ofcourse homework and assignments can be time consuming and boring, but pair up with nice classmates and the work will be done in a minute! Also, try to not push the work back untill it is (almost) too late to get it done. Stress makes you age faster, especially the skin! Wrinkles are for later worries!

The last tip I really want to share is to respect your teachers. Don’t be an asshole to them, they are the ones with one of the hardest jobs in life and working with young adults can be pretty challenging. I know that for a fact since I worked as a school social worker for a few years.

Make this schoolyear count!

x femketje

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