Look – Mono Toned Rust.

Rusty colours really make blue eyes stand out even more, and I LOVE IT :D

For this look I only used some basic items I tend to use all the time when I shoot a new makeup look for the blog. I used lots of Essence products such as for the brows and lips, aswell as the setting powder and mascara. I combined two foundations, one by Rimmel and another one by Catrice. For contouring I used my fave Hema bronzer, and for the mono toned eye look I used the colour Cocao from the I Heart Makeup Golden Bar palette. As a highlight I used one by Freedom Makeup, I think it was in the colour brighten but I’m not completely sure.

This look is pretty clean and simple, but wearable for sure and just lovely to rock on a work or schoolday!

x femketje

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