Get To Know Femketje – January 2017.

January has flown by! Today in this post some of my personal shots ;) The shot above: I was sorting out my polishes!

I really love a strong winged liner and a soft brown eye <3

My parents in law, the husband and I went out for dinner :3 Sushi it was!

And since a very long time I curled my hair on a work day :)

Gotta love a bright lip look :D

Or any look with glitter will do ;)

One of my babies: Tjappi!

I don’t have that much time to shoot looks, especially this week now I have to work 8 days in a row, but I really like to work with mono toned shadows, or duochromes for a quick and easy look which is still gorgeous AF! Oh and tomorrow I will start at my new full time job! :D

x femketje

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