Multi Masking With VICHY!

A little while ago I got sent a package with some mask samples by Vichy Laboratories. I did got sent a second one because the first one was totally distroyed by our postoffice/mailman…. I really don’t know what happened but it was an utter mess when it got shoved through my mailbox. Thankfully the second one arrived perfectly so last week I was finally able to try out these awesome masks!

Curious to see what my findings are, please continue reading ;)

So I got 3 different masks you can use on their own or try some awesome multi masking out with, when you have a dry to combination skin like me. My cheeks tend to be really dry but my t zone is more oily and the chin is acne proned. I multi masked on the cheeks with the refreshing blue gel mask which works hydrating and feels super cooling on the skin. The rest of the face was covered in the grey clay mask, to purify and clean out pores. Both masks dried pretty quickly, withing 5 to 10 minutes I was done and I removed both masks with a wet warm cloth. My skin felt super hydrated but squeeky clean at the same time without feeling dry or irritated!

Next to these two masks there is also a peel off mask which exfoliated your skin. I have tried that one out as well, on the more acne proned skin where I had some black heads and stuff. Sounds nasty but let’s be honoust, we are all human and we all have skin issues from time to time. The peel off mask didn’t hurt while taking it off, and I did notice my pores being really clean afterwards.

All I can say is that I’m super positive about the new masks Vichy came out with, and I really recommend the clay mask and hydrating gel mask when you have a dry to combination oily skin type like me ;)

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Multi Masking With VICHY!”

  1. Typisch weer iets voor de post om een pakket te slopen. Maar de maskers klinken fijn, sowieso vind ik Vichy een heel goed merk.

    1. Haha ja het ging echt nergens over, het hele pakket leek wel opgevreten te zijn geweest door een wild beest en zo de brievenbus door gestampt te zijn :’)

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