✨Madam Glam Glitter Gel Polishes.

Madam Glam was kind enough to send out 7 gorgeous glitter gel polishes because they know I LOOOOVE glitter! In this video I swatch and review 7 gorgeous fully packed with glitter gels and talk you through about it all ;) Don’t forget to use my discount code (femketje30) to save some money on your own order!

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✨Born Pretty Store Unboxing – Holo Nail Polish & More!

Born Pretty Store has sent me an epic nail polish package and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! The world is a crazy place atm to I felt like doing an extra video this week wouldn’t hurt ;)
Don’t forget to use my discount code FEM20 for an additional 20% off of your own purchase at bornprettystore.com

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✨Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection.

I had my alarm set when I saw the email of the new holo taco launch: The Unicorn Skin Collection :D I purchased this limited edition box aswell as some extra base and top coats, and in this video I will fully swatch and review the Unicorn Skin collection.

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✨Starrily Nail Polish Unboxing & Swatches.

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my email inbox and saw an email from Starrily with a question if I wanted to try out some of their polishes. I have never been so happy to see an email like that before because I am obsessed with all of the swatch videos I have seen other nail youtubers share about this brand. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed! In this video I unbox and swatch 8 of Starrily’s gorgeous polishes while working with my new set up and camera. Enjoy! :D

Starrily kindly provided a 15% discount code (Femke) to use on your own next purchase! I am not getting paid or anything if you use this code, the brand just simply made one for me to share with you! :)

x femketje

Organize With Me – Nail Art Water Decal Collection.

This highly requested video was long in the making, I simply didn’t have enough time to record it since there are so many decals in my stash (and I still cut out a lot of the footage to keep the length of the video doable). But in this video I organize my water decals and store them in a new super handy manner :)

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