Holo Taco Multichrome Collection.

I have had this collection sitting on my work deks for a couple of weeks, but finally got the time to upload it for you :) In this video I unbox and live swatch the new Holo Taco Multichrome collection polishes that I purchased myself. It can’t get any more honest and open than this cause it wasn’t inexpensive at all ;)

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PJR Care Nail Polish.

Hi my lovelies! In today’s video I am talking about a new natural, vegan, halal, cruelty free and 10/14 free nail polish brand that reached out to me to try out there products. And let me tell you, I am not disappointed :D

PJR Care Nail Polish is actually Dutch just like me and they sent me 8 gorgeous coloured polishes aswell as a non acetone remover and other nail care items :)
You can find the polishes and more beautiful shades or other PJR Care products here: https://link.femketje.nl/?link=18e75067
Also, don’t forget to use my 25% discount code (femketje25) if you’re ordering some of their stunning polishes yourself!

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Born Pretty Store Nail Goodies Unboxing.

Time for a new born pretty store unboxing video! :)

You can find the polishes and stamping plates here: https://link.femketje.nl/?link=63905595
And ofcourse don’t forget to use my 20% discount code (FEM20) at born pretty store!

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Pink Gellac Boudoir Charm Collection.

Pink Gellac recently came out with a beautiful new fall collection called Boudoir Charm. It is screaming 20s flappers vibe and I love it! The collection contains 5 beautiful shades that will suit a lot of different skin tones and are super pigmented :) Which colour is your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below!

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🐱Holo Taco Cat Polishes.

It has been a hot minute since I got these polishes in the mail, but since today is world animal day, I thought it was the perfect moment to swatch these in a new video :3

Who else is a crazy cat person?

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