Born Pretty Store Nail Mail Unboxing!

It took forever for the mail to bring me one of my born pretty store packages, but the first one finally came in and I’m unboxing it in this video :D I’ve got some stunning new glitter mixes, nail stickers and stamping plates!

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Aliexpress Nail Sticker Haul!✨

Time for a new aliexpress haul! It’s mostly all about nail stickers, but they’re too cute not to share. If you want any direct links to the items shown, let me know in the comments down below and I will try to look them up for you. I have already shared the store names in the video so you can check out their other items too :)

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💅Aliexpress Water Decal Haul.

This video has been waiting on me to edit for SOOOO LONG! I think I got this order in about 3 months ago, but then a lot of other videos had to be edited first and then we went on our 4 week trip. So that’s why my nails are a different length in this video compared to others this week ;)

You can find the decals here!

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🛍️BIG Aliexpress Nail Haul💅

I finally got some new aliexpress orders in the mail and because you all love aliexpress hauls so much I decided to record it asap and upload right away :)

If you want to get some items yourself, do let me know in the comments down below if you would like the link to that specific item!

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BIG Aliexpress Nailart Haul 💅

Welcome back to my channel, and hi there if you are new :)
I wanted to do a new aliexpress haul video because it has been ages since I last made one (I had to wait so long before I got a decent amount of packages in, it was insane!). I bought loads of waterdecals, some gems and embellishments and some other handy tools and supplies.

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