🎁25K Subscriber Giveaway (Complete Pink Gellac Gelpolish Kit!).

Thank you soooo much for your ongoing support! 25K subs is a huge milestone for me and for that reason I am doing a couple of giveaways, starting off with this Pink Gellac gelpolish manicure kit that one of you will win :) I will also be doing a small regular nail polish giveaway soon, and maybe another one with some cute nail art supplies.

I have asked you in a poll a little while ago if you’d like me to do 1 big giveaway like last time, or if you’d prefer multiple smaller ones: You have chosen for the latter so that’s why there will be multiple smaller giveaways for this time’s celebration :D

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Pink Gellac Renewed Starter Kit!💅

I’ve been a PG fan for about 18 months now and they asked me to try out their renewed medium starter kit which contains an awesome LED lamp, a primer/base/topcoat and lovely pink colour gel polish, a nail file, orange wood stick, some cleaner sachets and remover packs. In this video I show you how it all looks, works and some things that caught my attention :)

Also, I am not getting paid or anything to make this video, PG simply sent me this kit to try out and have some fun with ;)

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