BIG Aliexpress Gelpolish Haul!

I went a little crazy by ordering 50+ pots of gelpolish ^^” I also got some other peackock flakie gelpolishes and they are soooo pretty!

After my previous gelpolish haul I got lots of feedback about what brands are safe to use and what others would recommend me, so I checked them out myself and got some. I will be doing seperate videos swatching all of my new items, but for now enjoy this haul :)

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Essence Cosmetics Glitter Nailpolish & Melted Chrome Eyeshadow Haul (& A Tiny Bit Of NYX).

Yes, another haul…. I accidentally scheduled in my two next videos at the same time so they both were live last weekend. But I know you guys like it and there is even some makeup involved in this one! Grab some tea and cookies, relax and enjoy :)

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Affordable Aliexpress Nail Gems Haul.

I am always looking for new affordable nailart supplies, and there is no better place to look for them than at aliexpress! Today I have another new nailart haul for you guys, with lots of nail gems and some mylar :)

If you want any direct links to the products shown, let me know in the comments down below so I can look them up for you <3 I personally love watching aliexpress nail haul videos like these from other nail-enthousiasts, so grab some tea and a cookie and enjoy!

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Aliexpress Nail Haul.

My aliexpress orders were streaming in again so it was about time I made a new aliexpress haul video again :) It is mostly nail embellishments but also some handy spray bottles aswell as pill boxes to use as nail supply storage. Do let me know if there are any items you would like to check out yourself, then I will reply to you with the direct links!

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