Nails – Rainbow Watercolour Design *Made With Sharpies!*

This nail art design was on my idea list for AGES! Finally I got the time to make it one night and for a first try I don’t think it looks too bad :3

It really is super easy to make: Start off with an opaque white base layer, and ofcourse don’t forget to apply a basecoat on forehand! Then take a few sharpies in different colours and apply them to your already dried nailpolish layer. This doesn’t have to be super neat because with some rubbing alcohol you make the colours melt into eachother just like a watercolour painting. Finish off with a decent layer of topcoat and you are good to go!

Most coloured markers, sharpies or other brands of twinmarkers work for this kind of nail art! For the alcohol part I would suggest some help from an older sibling or parent when you are underaged since it is kind of a harsh product to work with (and you don’t want to mess up that beautiful wooded table or desk underneath your workspace). Try to use an as high of a percentage as possible. I used 99% myself and it works super well with just a little bit of alcohol on a nail art brush.

x femketje

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