Instant Budget Favourites – NYX Glitter Primer & Holo Glitter!

Just a few months ago I ordered some NYX items online, such as the following 2 products which instantly became faves around the house of femketje :3

I had already heard a lot about the glitter primer, but unfortunately my local store with a NYX counter didn’t have it on stock all the damn time! So the interwebz is the best place to go when you live in a place called Holland >.< The primer works simple but super efficient. Just add a bit to wherever, blend it out and stick glitter to it :D There really isn’t much more I can say about it. It works, and it works GOOD. Like a dream! If you want just a tiny bit of glitter stuck to your eyelids, cheeks or lips, just apply it with a small brush such as for example a glitter cut crease like the ones below.

Now for the gorgeous holo glitter to stick onto your pretty face with that primer: you get a lot for little money. 2,5 grams of product for about €6.- It is somewhat of a finer glitter but it’s not shimmer. It is a lot more chunky than that ;) It’s a loose silver lineair holo glitter so when it hits the light rainbows come popping off of your face! I’d go for a look like that any day! I simply use the glitter primer (and also for that one the rule applies that a little goes a very long way), tap some glitter in the cap of the container and pick them up with a brush or just my finger.

For the full on glam look above I used both products on the upper lid. It stayed on like a boss the entire day and wouldn’t budge. The primer is also pretty affordable tbh, I payed about €9.- to €10.- for an amount of 10ml.

All I can say is: I am hooked! :3

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Instant Budget Favourites – NYX Glitter Primer & Holo Glitter!”

  1. Haha toevallig heb ik de primer en glitter (een mooie paarse holo glitter) afgelopen weekend tijdens Abunaicon gebruikt samen met een vriendin (de primer is van haar maar ik ga hem zelf ook kopen, duur maar de glitters blijven wel goed zitten!)
    Lang leve de glitters, en dan vooral die holografische!

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