Nails – Dripping Pink Holo Glitter Blood – Halloween.

Just before we went on our 3 week holiday in Thailand I wanted to make sure I had made another Halloween nail art design. I did a blood splatter nail design a long time ago and since I was testing out some Essence cosmetics holo polishes I made it drip on top of some gorgeous opaque black OPI polish.

It really is super easy to make. All you need is a base colour of choice, glitter polish, a dotting tool and a base+topcoat. I went for black base because, you know me… I love my opaque blacks. And the pink Essence holo polish is just to die for. A cute way to make blood drips ;)

I started by adding some glitter polish with the brush to the cuticle area of the nail (NOT on the cuticles ofcourse!), and picked up some polish for the drips with a small dotting tool. Finish it off with a good layer of topcoat and you are good to go.

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Nails – Dripping Pink Holo Glitter Blood – Halloween.”

  1. Owwwh gave nailart zeg! Holo is altijd goed, en ik vind het idee ook heel erg leuk :D
    Voor halloween zou ik alleen wel gaan voor rode nagellak ipv de holo, lekker creepy!

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