Essence – Bootiful Nights Nailpolish.

Only 2 days ago I ran into the new halloween inspired limited edition by Essence. I LOVE their halloween collections so I couldn’t just walk away without any items. In this post I will share my own nailpolish swatches and honoust review ;)

I Witch You Were Here is an almost pitch black polish with a greenish/blueish hue to it. I can’t really deceide if it’s more blue or green, all I know is that it’s a super opaque polish in just one layer.

Dawn Of The Red is a really deep burgundy red colour with a hint of purple. This one needed 2 layers but dries pretty fast with a lovely glossy finish.

Let’s Boo-Gy-Woogy has the cutest name ever and is a bone white colour. This one only needed 2 coats aswell and is a perfect halloween white!

All polishes did have a super tiny brush but that made it really easy and precise to work with. The polishes cost €1,99 each and contain 5ml of polish. Get them while you still can!

x femketje

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