Nails – Blue & Lilac Holo.

Recently I bought all 5 of the new Essence cosmetics holo rainbow polishes. AND I LOVE THEM! Since I already rocked the blue polish for almost a full week, some pieces chipped off and I filled them in with the lilac holo polish. It really gives a fun and random design and it kind of reminds me of earth as seen from space :)

I didn’t use any topcoat but ofcourse did apply a good amount of basecoat to protect my natural nails. Photographing holo is such a pain in the booty but while playing around with my lighting it did work out well enough. I will be reviewing these holo polishes later on when I have tried them out and on for at least a week of wearing each. To be continued ;D

x femketje

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6 thoughts on “Nails – Blue & Lilac Holo.”

  1. Holoooooooooooo~
    Wat zijn ze mooi, ik vind dat de holo wel goed tot z’n recht komt op de foto’s hoor :)
    Nu wil ik ze ook…

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