Look – Comicbook Inspired.

If I’d be a comicbook character I would sure look something like this. 2 days ago I started playing around with some of my face paint. You know, just to celebrate having a week off of work ;) And this came out. My own personalized comicbook makeup look!

I didn’t use that much products since almost the entire look is made with my eulenspiegel black face paint. But I did started off with a good base of Rimmel foundation, Essence setting powder and some NYX light bronzer. Next to that I used some lashes I got a little while ago from an aliexpress seller for just a few bucks. And they totally matched this look perfectly. And lastly I used a Catrice liquid lipstick and an Essence liquid liner.

I haven’t really come up with a name for my character.. but at least I know what I’d look like ;) How would your character look? Let me know down in the comments!

x femketje

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