Essence – Cubanita TE Nailpolishes.

It has been at least a year since I last made a true swatch and review blogpost about a complete set of nailpolishes. When I swatched these beauties yesterday I really felt kinda nostalgic, because I have been blogging for almost 7 years now and Essence polishes were the first to enter my nailpolish collection and started my love for blogging. I think I will be doing blogposts like these more often when I get the time :)

But for now, stop with the rambling and review these beauties!

So first of all there is this gorgeous hot pink barbie shade called 01 Kisses From Havana. It is a true barbie pink which I LOVE and it’s completely opaque in just 2 thin layers. The substance is really creamy and gives a pretty glossy finish. No streaks at all so that’s a good thing!

The second one is also a super pretty creamy polish with an opaque and even finish within just two thin layers. 02 ¡hola guapa! is a medium purple with a pinky undertone to it. Super creamy and it gives a pretty glossy finish on it’s own without topcoat.

Now this is my personal favourite polish of the bunch. A pale pink with a cooler undertone. It did look different on camera in different types of light but it depends on what kind of room you are in how it will show up :) Nothing wrong with that, just simple logic. 03 Do You Hear La Música? is another creamy polish with a gorgeous glossy finish and it completely opaque and streakless within just 2 coats.

The last polish is actually the one I am wearing right now. I liked it so much I was like: “well let’s just do all of my nails with this one just for fun” :D 04 Bienvenida A Palm Beach is a super gorgeous and fun teal/sea blue greenish colour. I always find it hard to discribe colours like this because to me it looks super blue with just a drop of green, and to others it may seem more green… it’s a bright teal that reminds me of mermaids… let’s just keep it to that ;) This one is also fully opaque with 2 thin coats and gives the same gorgeous glossy finish.

I actually don’t have much negative words to say about these trend edition collection polishes. The only thing I noticed is that the caps were not working that handy because of the shape, but that’s just something to get used to. I bought these polishes for €1,99 each, which makes them super budgetproof!

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32 thoughts on “Essence – Cubanita TE Nailpolishes.”

  1. Ooh de kleur Bienvenida A Palm Beach is helemaal mijn ding maar ik ben niet zo fan van vierkante doppen. Je neemt dat moeilijk vast.

  2. Zo’n zomerse kleurtjes, ben helemaal fan van 03 Do You Hear La Música? en 02 Hola Guapa! Heb wel al veel nagellak, maar men kan nooit genoeg hebben zeker? X

  3. Heel zomerse kleurtjes. En leuke verpakkingen, ideaal vakantiegevoel. Ik zou ze vooral gebruiken voor mijn teennagels want als verpleegkundige mag ik geen nagellak. Jammer maar helaas. En de licht roze is mijn favoriet!

  4. Ik zag ze twee weken geleden liggen en dacht: mwoah. Maar nu ik ze bij jou geswatched zie vrees ik dat ik morgen naar Kruidvat ga, haha.

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