Disney Inspired Looks – Alice In Wonderland.

Every week I am planning on sharing a new Disney Inspired Looks post here on my blog, facebook and instagram. For today one of my fave movies ever: Alice In Wonderland. Eventhough I am not the biggest Disney fan, I have always loved Alice In Wonderland and all the colourfull characters it brings. I decided to make a mad hatter, red queen of hearts and cheshire cat look.

For these looks I used a lot of different eyeshadow palettes, a bunch from Urban Decay (because these colours always splash off the lids), the Kat von D Pastel Goth palette and some revolution makeup and freedom makeup palettes (with neon colours). As always I used Essence base, mascara, liquid liner and setting powder, with some Catrice concealer to make it all perfectly neat ;)

I got inspired by the newest Alice movies (with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter etc), and I think all three looks are recognizable. If I have to pick a fave it would be pretty hard because all looks are equally fun to me :) I really love each character aswell in the movies but since I am a HUGE catlover the last Cheshire Cat look represents me pretty much! Also I didn’t want to make an Alice look because the other characters were way more colourfull if you ask me :3

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12 thoughts on “Disney Inspired Looks – Alice In Wonderland.”

  1. Ohhh Alice in Wonderland is ook één van mijn favorieten (maar dan wel de tekenfilm versie). Je looks zijn echt heel gaaf geworden! En herkenbaar :)

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