💅 Aliexpress Nailart Haul (11/11 Sale)

Hi my lovelies! Thanks a lot for voting on the poll I added last night asking you what video I should edit and upload first this evening. So here it is, my new aliexpress nailart haul video :)

If you want any direct links to some of the products shown, just let me know in the comments below <3 

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Aliexpress Basic Nail Supplies Haul.

I am back after the halloween crazyness with a new aliexpress haul! For today I wanted to share some nailart supplies basics I bought online :) If you want any links, let me know for what products down below in the comments and I will reply to you personally!

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BIG Aliexpress Gelpolish Haul!

I went a little crazy by ordering 50+ pots of gelpolish ^^” I also got some other peackock flakie gelpolishes and they are soooo pretty!

After my previous gelpolish haul I got lots of feedback about what brands are safe to use and what others would recommend me, so I checked them out myself and got some. I will be doing seperate videos swatching all of my new items, but for now enjoy this haul :)

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