Column – What Would You Do With 1 Million Dollars?

Sometimes when I am at work, me and my colleagues talk about random stuff such as what each of us would do with a million dollar… I thought it would be fun to make a new column about it!

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Column – Photoshop In Social Media.

When I scroll around on instagram, facebook and twitter, I see a lot of gorgeous (beauty)photos shared from all around the world. I really love looking at them and getting inspired to make new looks myself. The only downside to it is that I can see that the shots have been overly photoshopped and retouched. The skin doesn’t look real anymore. It has no pores, no fine lines, wrinkles or (acne)scarring and just looks plastic and airbrushed like its life depended on it.

That is why I love to share my work that is mostly unedited (apart from my link and/or name that is put in the shot). For me delivering good and honest work onto the internet is all about real shots and working with great lighting and a decent camera. Make your photography skills stand out and learn while trying out new things.

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Column – I’m A Foodie, Not A “Fitgirl”.

Sometimes people ask me how I can eat as much as I do and don’t gain weight at all. And I simply reply by saying it is in my genes to love and eat food the way I do. But still maintaining my healthy weight and shape is purely thanks to my genes.

Who wouldn’t like to eat like a king everyday with nice ingredients and awesome recipes. Okay, I admit to love food, maybe more or differently than others do. I don’t see eating as something I have to do to keep alive, but I look at e.g. dinner like something fun and most of all “gezellig”. I don’t just like food, I LOVE it.

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Dingen Die Ik Meer Wil & Ga Doen In 2017.

Omdat de post van maandag nogal full on English was, leek het me leuk om weer eens lekker plat Nederlands een artikeltje te typen. 2016 was voor mij, zoals ik eerder al vertelde, een erg bewogen en onrustig jaar. Ik heb me daarom dan ook voorgenomen om alles in 2017 wat rustiger aan te doen. Zo ga ik heel erg binnenkort ook 2 weken naar de VS (New York, Washington etc. etc.) op vakantie. Voor het eerst in zo’n 10 jaar moet ik daar bij vermelden want mensen, deze Fem gaat echt NOOIT op vakantie. Meestal doordat ik elke keer naar m’n vakantie geld kan fluiten door crappy gebeurtenissen en de hele rambam. Maar dit keer zal het goed gaan, ik begin een nieuwe baan op 1 februari en ik ga er voor! :D Continue reading Dingen Die Ik Meer Wil & Ga Doen In 2017.

♡ Be Grateful ♡

Hi guys and dolls! For today’s post I deceided to write it fully in English because sometimes posts like these can get kind of confusing or too long to post it in Dutch and English in one article ;)
Today I wanted to share just a random ramble post about me being grateful, and don’t understanding others who really aren’t grateful, because they can’t see how “rich” they are in life. Continue reading ♡ Be Grateful ♡