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Hi guys and dolls! For today’s post I deceided to write it fully in English because sometimes posts like these can get kind of confusing or too long to post it in Dutch and English in one article ;)
Today I wanted to share just a random ramble post about me being grateful, and don’t understanding others who really aren’t grateful, because they can’t see how “rich” they are in life.

So first of all, just be happy you are alive. I know time can get really rough on you but if you keep breathing and working hard, things will eventually turn out okay. Take a deep breath and focus on positive thing such as you family, friends, the fact that you have a job and a roof over your head eventhough these things can cause a lot of stress sometimes. I know it can be hard to stay positive, I sometimes struggle with that too. But I do tend to focus on everything that is going well in my life, and I try to enjoy a lot of little things. E.g. the awesome meal I had the other day, or that I’m planning on saving money for that awesome looking pair of shoes!

I’m grateful for a lot of things, not just material but more like having a wonderful husband around who supports me and is forgiving when I mess things up or make mistakes. I’m grateful that he doesn’t find it weird or stupid that I collect and love makeup/nailpolish and glitter so much, eventhough he can’t leave the house without any glitter sticking on him or his clothes…. Sorry babe :’)
I’m really grateful for my family and all the small things I inherited from my mom. I look so much like her it tends to get a bit freaky sometimes! I don’t just look like my mom, I even got the same voice and I can tell you this: she is a true opera singer and a smashing good one! I also love the fact that I’ve got the same smile and laugh as her, and I hope that when I become a mom, my kids will have the same smile.

To make this not a super long post, I just wanted to finish it by saying thanks to all of you who have supported me for over de last 6/7 years in real life but especially here on my blog, instagram, facebook, snapchat and youtube. You are like family to me <3

Tell me one thing (or more if you feel like it) that you are grateful for down in the comments below. I would love to read all of your positive thoughts!

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “♡ Be Grateful ♡”

  1. Love it when people support you. My husband is also very nice, but sometimes he says yeah yeah yeah I know, leave me alone!
    I am grateful for every reader, visitor and nice comments!

  2. Wauw, mooi artikel! Ook leuk om te lezen dat je zoveel op je moeder lijkt :D Ik ben mijn kat en vriend heel dankbaar voor alles. Ze zijn er altijd voor me. En ik ben zo blij dat mijn kat me uitgezocht heeft in het dierenasiel anderhalf jaar geleden. Ze is mijn beste vriendin :-)

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