Column – I’m A Foodie, Not A “Fitgirl”.

Sometimes people ask me how I can eat as much as I do and don’t gain weight at all. And I simply reply by saying it is in my genes to love and eat food the way I do. But still maintaining my healthy weight and shape is purely thanks to my genes.

Who wouldn’t like to eat like a king everyday with nice ingredients and awesome recipes. Okay, I admit to love food, maybe more or differently than others do. I don’t see eating as something I have to do to keep alive, but I look at e.g. dinner like something fun and most of all “gezellig”. I don’t just like food, I LOVE it.

I think everyone stuffs their face every now and then, I do too! Oh and how I love to eat my french fries with a load of mayo and a typical Dutch “frikandel speciaal”. I’m definitaly NOT a fit girl, but I do try to balance it out as much as I can. Some weeks I eat super healthy, some weeks I eat (home made) junkfood. *I added the home made part on purpose, because home made to me means more healthy than just running to a burger king or mc D.*

I know lots of people struggle with their diet, health and self esteem. Thinking they are too fat, too thin or just not good enough to be seen as beautiful when they look at all these social media posts and photos of perfectly shaped girls.
For me.. I just don’t really care that I don’t work out all the time and simply eat whatever I want to and whenever I feel like eating it. I don’t care I don’t have all of my ab muscles showing all the time.

I am human and made out of flesh, bones and a pinch of lovely feminine fat ;) I’m just a foodie, and not a fit girl. I’m simply lucky to have good genes, and will never stop loving food for anything or anyone.

x femketje


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4 thoughts on “Column – I’m A Foodie, Not A “Fitgirl”.”

  1. Ja je hebt zeker geluk als je niet snel aankomt. Ik ben mijn leven lang al stevig, helaas zit dat in de genen en moet ik wel uitkijken met wat ik eet. Maar soms eet ik ook ongezond hoor, in combinatie met gezelligheid. Maar daarna eet ik wel weer een stuk gezonder om te compenseren. Al dat eten smaakt gewoon te lekker :P

  2. Ik kon eerder meer eten dan nu. Ik kwam bijna niet aan. Maar helaas moet ik nu ook een beetje op mijn voedselinname letten. Balen…Gelukkig heb jij daar geen last van.

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