Butterfly Water Decal Nail Art.

Hi lovelies! In today’s video I am sharing a super easy to do butterfly water decal nail art design. You can definitely switch up the colours, brands of polish or even the type of water decals to your personal preference if you’d like!

There are a few different dry brush and sponge on techniques I am doing to create this design, but also share my tips and tricks on how to use water decals :)

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💅🏻Nailpolish Of The Week – Holo Taco Not Milky White.

I really wanted to give the Not Milky White nail polish by Holo Taco another chance. So I decided to use it in this new Nailpolish Of The Week video in which I talk about a specific nail polish while live swatching it on my own natural long nails.

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✨Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection.

I had my alarm set when I saw the email of the new holo taco launch: The Unicorn Skin Collection :D I purchased this limited edition box aswell as some extra base and top coats, and in this video I will fully swatch and review the Unicorn Skin collection.

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