🌈Holo Taco Rainbow Collection.

When Holo Taco came out with their new collection I was waiting for it to release and ready to order asap, I knew this one was going to be sold out ASAP! In this video I quickly unbox and swatch all 7 colours from the Holo Taco Rainbow collection. 7 gorgeous linear holographic polishes in rainbow colours, perfect for all occasions and any time of year :)
IMO, this rainbow collection is the best Holo Taco has come out with so far!

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✨Looking For Holo Taco Nail Polish Dupes (+ Swatches Of ALL 3 COLLECTIONS!).

Since I uploaded my swatches and review of the new Holo Taco Unicorn Skin collection, I got tons of questions and requests if I would want to dive into my nail polish stash and search for some dupes or pretty close similar polishes. So that is what I did last weekend! :)

In this video I swatch all colours from all 3 Holo Taco collections, aswell as some dupes or similar polishes from my own nail polish collection. This is a music only video to relax a bit in this crazy time, maybe paint your own nails while at it, sip on some tea or coffee, have a cookie or two ;) Enjoy!

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❄️Winter Nailart Week 2019 #3 – Black, White & Holo Glitter Gradient❄️

Just like last year I wanted to do something special during the holiday season so I came up with Winter Nailart Week. In this week I will be uploading 7 days in a row, sharing wintery and xmas proof nailart designs with regular nailpolish and gelpolish. This 3rd winter design is a black, white and silver holo glitter gradient design inspired by my christmas tree. It is made with reguar polishes on natural nails, and I used some cute stamping plates :)

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Holo Taco HOLODAY COLLECTION! (Swatches & Review)🌮

I finally got my Holo Taco HOLODAY collection in :D I am so excited for all these colours because they’re hella good! I preordered this collection about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it did take a while to get it in (since I live in the Netherlands). Ofcourse with a price of $65 for this collection it definitely is on the higher spectrum, but imo totally worth it for anyone obsessed with holo nailpolishes :) Let me know what your favourite colour from this collection is, I’m really curious about that!

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