💅Filing, Shortening & Simple Natural Nail Care Routine.

I have been asked to show how I file my nails in a square shape and how to shorten them. Since I broke a little bit off of the length of my thumb nail earlier while cooking, I decided it was the right time to record how I file and shorten my nails, aswell as showing a simple and fast nail care routine with my favourite cuticle oil :)

This is just to way I do my own nails personally, this might not work for everyone. Just try, practice and see what works best for your natural nails ;)

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Hand & Nail Care Routine.

I have asked you lovely people on instagram what videos to make for you now I have some time off of work, and one of the most requested videos was an updated hand and nail care routine. So here it is, the longest routine I do :) It’s nothing special but it works fine for me!

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