April Favourites!

I almost forgot to record this video :o But yesterday I had a little time off to actually sit down for a moment and film. It is possible that you hear some choppers flying around on the background, that’s because of the 5th of may festival which was happening pretty close to where I live (famous people flying over my house and stuff haha!).

Last month I had a decent mix of beauty such as makeup and nailpolish, but also a little skincare in my faves.

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March Favourites (& Some Sad News).

Since this week has been a rough ride, I did wanted to make this video and share it with you guys. Just to show that when life gets difficult, you are not alone! <3

A random March beauty favourites video to cheer everyone up a bit!

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My 2 Go To Perfumes – Spring 2018.

If you know me then you know that I tend to not stick to just one or two perfumes for a longer period of time. I like to switch it up in different seasons but also switch it up when one of my bottles is used up.

A couple of weeks ago when I actually did use up one of my perfumes, I wanted to switch scents again. I already was using the Juicy Couture (Couture La La Malibu) every now and then, but the Guess Seductive perfume was still new, sealed in the box and completely unopened. I also just randomly bought that Guess Seductive scent without smelling it in the store first since it was on sale and bought it for dirt cheap. Yes, I am that impulsive and stores always get me with great deals like that ;)

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