My 2 Go To Perfumes – Spring 2018.

If you know me then you know that I tend to not stick to just one or two perfumes for a longer period of time. I like to switch it up in different seasons but also switch it up when one of my bottles is used up.

A couple of weeks ago when I actually did use up one of my perfumes, I wanted to switch scents again. I already was using the Juicy Couture (Couture La La Malibu) every now and then, but the Guess Seductive perfume was still new, sealed in the box and completely unopened. I also just randomly bought that Guess Seductive scent without smelling it in the store first since it was on sale and bought it for dirt cheap. Yes, I am that impulsive and stores always get me with great deals like that ;)

So the first one is the one I am using almost daily now: Guess Seductive eau de toilette. So this isn’t a pure perfume but watered down a little bit. This actually doesn’t make the scent less noticeable and it always lasts me the entire day with just a few spritzes in the morning. This scent is a little bit more heavy compared to the Juicy Couture one, and has mostly vanilla, floral and fruity notes such as orangeblossom, blackberry and jasmin.

Juicy Couture La La Malibu is just an awesome pink bottle which reminds me of a palmtree beach on sunny days! *oh how I want it to be summer already* This one is a lot more light and easy to wear on a daily basis. Perfect for spring and summer in my opinion. This scent has notes of white musk, white peonies, green apple, orange blossom and red berries. Again, super fruity and lightly sweet.

Both perfumes are in bottles of 75ml each, I bought the Guess Seductive scent for a little over €14.-, the Juicy Couture La La Malibu had a pricetag of only €17.- These were some pretty good deals if you ask me!

What is your go to scent at the moment?

x femketje

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