✨Born Pretty Holographic Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish.

It did take a little while for me to edit this swatch video but I finally did! It’s about 8 beautiful holographic magnetic cat eye nailpolish which I got from Aliexpress’ Born Pretty Store. The only thing I did notice afterwards is that the cat eye effect spreads out quite a bit while the nailpolish is drying. To prevent that from happening I’d suggest leaving the magnet on there while the polishes dry. It does take some time and effort to do so, but it does give the most sleek effect :)

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Born Pretty Multichrome Flakie Nailpolish – Gypsy Water Series✨

I finally had some time last weekend to swatch the Born Pretty polishes I got a couple of months ago from their aliexpress store. I got them for about 2 to 3 euros each during the 11-11 sale period. They contain 6ml and are just sooooo gorgeous on top of a black base colour. Let me know down in the comments what you think and which one is your favourite :)

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Look – Cupid Must Die.

DSC_0947 copy smallOkay, meestal ben ik wel pro valentijnsdag met girly looks en de hele rambam, maar dit jaar is het door meerdere redenen een beetje bitter sweet voor mij. Het doet me denken aan andere relaties met mijn familie die eigenlijk sinds kerst nogal kapot gegaan zijn. Maar enough about that en laten we niet depressed raken… Vandaag weer een epic anti Vday look, lekker vampy en wauwzers,
just mah thing girl!

Wel 1 pluspunt: Volgende week zaterdag 6 februari zijn Roy en ik alweer 11 jaar samen dus dat is wel weer ultra epic, en vooral errrrg lang ;)
Still love you to death babe <3

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