Pink Gellac Unboxing & First Impressions Review.

You guys know me, I love my nailpolishes and just having my nails done perfectly. I always have done my nails myself with regular nailpolish and I love working with that. Though, if there was one thing I could change about it, it is the wear-time you get with it. That is why I teamed up with Pink Gellac to try out one of their starter kits. The gelpolishes by Pink Gellac are supposed to have a weartime up to 14 days without chipping and I was happy to try their products out in an unboxing and first impressions review video!

I got the LED L kit to be exact, which includes:
1x Primer
1x Coloured gelpolish, 182 Dynamic Pink 15ml;
3x Extra gelpolish colours, each 15ml;
1x Pink Gellac LED Lamp (with 4 strong LED lights);
1x Pink Gellac Base2 (basecoat);
1x Pink Gellac Ultra Shine 15ml (no wipe gel topcoat);
1x Nailfile 180-240grid;
1x Orange Woodstick;
10x Remover pocket;
10x Cleaner pocket.

To be honest I really love this kit! It is really quick and easy to do and I think almost anyone can use it without any problems. The finished result is a gorgeous shade with a super glossy look (which I LOVE) and it doesn’t damage the natural nails at all. It is also pretty easy to remove when you work from the manual and it just lasts a long time. I am keeping this pink colour on for at least two weeks just to check how well it deals with my daily life chores ;)

I will keep you updated on how well it wears on my instagram. Do check out all the other starter kits if you are (like me) someone who isn’t a gelpolish veteran and would love to wear easy to apply gelpolish!

x femketje

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