Nails – Neon Yellow & Rhinestones *Summer Proof*

I am so sorry for your eyes hurting because of this bright AF neon yellow nail art, but I LOVE IT! It is super summer proof and to make it all perfectly complete, there will be a nail art tutorial of this one online really soon ;) I did wanted to make both hands different and show how much just a few pearls and rhinestones can do for a design. You can go full on like I did on a few nails, or just sweet and simple with a couple of stones.

My camera actually had huge issues and struggles showing how bright the colour in real life is. I had to adjust my lighting to the minimum, but eventually it worked out really well. I think I wore this nail design for over a week, I just didn’t want to get rid of it too quickly! The design is super easy to make so do make sure to watch the tutorial video when it comes up. If you don’t want to miss anything: please subscribe to my youtube channel!

x femketje

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10 thoughts on “Nails – Neon Yellow & Rhinestones *Summer Proof*”

  1. Ik zag ze al op Instagram voorbij komen. Ze zien er heel gaaf uit :D Ik heb ook ergens zo’n knalkleur liggen :-)

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