Essence – Bootiful Nights Eyeshadow Palette, Lashes, Liquid Lipsticks & Duo Pencils.

So earlier this week I had to get some cough medicine and I went by my local drugstore. I just had to get me some new limited edtion stuff and bought almost the entire halloween inspired collection by Essence. Today I wanted to throw in a bunch of these products into one article, just in time for halloween next Tuesday!

The eyeshadow palette contains 3 shades which you can use for a perfect smokey look. The colours are pretty pigmented but the black one needs a little work if you want a full opaque colour pay off. The silver one is actually really pretty and can be used in lots of other looks as an inner corner highlight. (€3,39)

The 2 duo pencils are usable on the lids and lips and are super creamy and pigmented. I really like the burgundy colour and the white and black remind me of the milk and black bean jumbo pencils by NYX. They’re super simmilar so I’d suggest you get at least that duo pencil ;) (€1,99 each)

The lashes actually are super cute and perfect for a kitty cat look! They do come a little bigger than what I need, but you can easily cut them into the correct size without messing up the cute kitty whiskers. (€2,99)

And last but not least: 2 of the 3 liquid lipsticks. Unfortunately I only got 2, the 3rd one was already sold out. The black one has the cutest name: No More Bat Days, and dried up super fast. I only applied one coat in my swatch photo, but a 2nd one would be just a bit better.

The 2nd one is called Where Did I Park My Broom and is a super dark royal blue (with a somewhat purple hue). I also had some issues apply this one in just 1 coat as you can see at the edges of the lip. It really could need a 2nd coat. Both colours really dry up fast so you have to apply them pretty quickly. They do last a good while but won’t survive a dinner. To wrap it up: I LIKE THEM A LOT! (€2,59)

If you still want to get some of these items I would suggest you run to that store fast! If you want to see my nailpolish swatches of this collection, click to read the nailpolish review post.

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