Disney Inspired Looks – Princess Jasmine *Aladdin* (Part Two).

To keep the Aladdin Disney story inspired makeup looks alive, I wanted to make another glittery cut crease look inspired by princess Jasmine.

For this look I used a lot of different brand and palettes. Such as an Essence base, mascara, browpencil and a liquid liner. Some ebay bought cosmetic glitters and the NYX glitter primer. For eyeshadow I used the Urban Decay after dark palette and the Too Faced sweet peach palette (for the brown crease colour and brow bone highlight).

I really love making cut crease looks lately, and I especially like adding glitter to the mix. You guys know me, I always sprinkle glitter everywhere if you let me :D I hope you liked my Aladdin inspired looks so far. Let me know in the comments what Disney story you would like to see me do next!

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