Black Marble Nails (Gelpolish Only).

For some reason I am totally into marble nails atm. So first up is this black marble with white veins and some holo glitter nailart, made with gelpolishes only. It looks super difficult but really is easy to do :)

Just look at that thumb nail <3 My fave one of the bunch and actually the first one I ever tried to make with gelpolish. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and will subscribe to my channel, it’s highly appreciated!

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Black Marble Nails (Gelpolish Only).”

  1. Zooo mooi! ♥ Misschien dat ik dit maar eens moet laten doen door m’n nagelstyliste. :-) Denk alleen dat het vrij duur zou worden … Volgende keer eens navragen!

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