💅Madam Glam Gelpolish Review & Swatches (My First Time Trying Them!)💖

I got the most awesome email a couple of weeks ago! Madam Glam contacted me to try out some of their gelpolishes and they sent it over to me :D Woahh I AM SO EXCITED! I actually got to pick 4 shades myself and they added a base and topcoat to go with it. In this video I’m swatching and reviewing the gelpolishes I got, and I will be making some cool valentine’s day designs with them this weekend.

I got the products sent to me for free but am not paid in any way to talk about them/use them in designs. Also the discount code is just for you guys to save up some money at Madam Glam.com. I don’t make any money from this either, it’s just so you can try them out yourself and see how awesome the colours are!

Thanks so much for watching! ❤
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To save some money on Madam Glam:
30% discount code: femketje30

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