Column – I’m A Foodie, Not A “Fitgirl”.

Sometimes people ask me how I can eat as much as I do and don’t gain weight at all. And I simply reply by saying it is in my genes to love and eat food the way I do. But still maintaining my healthy weight and shape is purely thanks to my genes.

Who wouldn’t like to eat like a king everyday with nice ingredients and awesome recipes. Okay, I admit to love food, maybe more or differently than others do. I don’t see eating as something I have to do to keep alive, but I look at e.g. dinner like something fun and most of all “gezellig”. I don’t just like food, I LOVE it.

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Danbury & JFK Flight Vlog – 22/24 February 2017.

Our last few days were mostly travel days, road trip from Washington DC back to Danbury again, and on the last day from Danbury to JFK where we took our flight back at night :)

I do have to say that this was a HUGE travel/holiday for me, it was my first time flying as well, and I simply got a bit homesick after a few days being away from my cats. Good thing Roy was with me so he distracted me every time I felt kinda gloomy missing my furry babies 10at night time <3

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NYC & Danbury Vlog – 16/19 February 2017.

The trip wasn’t over soon! Here is the next vlog containing footage from the 16th up untill the end of the 19th February 2017 <3

We have been travelling to Stamford to pick up our extremely huge rental car, and drove to Danbury CT from there. In the weekend we spent time with family, got pretty drunk one night and had some great food. Oh and we shopped till we dropped in the Danbury Fair Mall!

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