Why I Love Valentine’s Day.

This things I love about Valentine’s day post actually wasn’t planned at all. But I accidentaly deleted all of my photos from a makeup look I made earlier this weekend so I had to come up with a backup plan for today’s blogpost. I know not everybody loves this Valentine’s Day-season, but I actually do eventhough we never really celebrate it that big.

But I do love Valentine’s Day a lot. Just a little more than any other ordinary day. It is the day of love and cherishing one another. My husband and I have been together for 13 year now and I do get asked frequently if we are still in love or if that feeling changes throughout the years. Ofcourse loving someone changes while you grow together, but I still get that butterfly feeling in my stomach every time I see him.

A lot of people feel like Vday is overrated and too commercial. But to me it is sweet to get your loved one that cute card or those pretty flowers. How nice is it to be thought of, and actually receive a bouquet of roses? What I also love about this day is that you can get all dressed up and make yourself some pretty and cute nailart! Take your loved one out to dinner or make him/her a selfmade (with love ofcourse) small dinner for 2.

Even if you hate this day or don’t have anyone to spend it with, just pamper yourself instead of feeling depressed or sad. Put on some pretty makeup and go out. Or just stay at home with netflix, a onesie en some wine and chocolate.

Those heart shaped chocolates are the best you know, especially when you don’t have to share them ;)

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6 thoughts on “Why I Love Valentine’s Day.”

  1. Leuk!! Maar ik denk dat je niet alleen op 1 specifiek dag elkaar veel lief moet hebben. Dat moet je elke dag haha :)

  2. Voor mij is het elke dag Valentijnsdag haha. Ik krijg ook nog steeds vlinders als ik mijn vriend zie. Maar de extra chocolaatjes zijn wel lekker met Valentijnsdag :P

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