New Blog Schedule!

Hi my lovelies!

You might have noticed that this week and last week I didn’t have a blogpost ready every single day of the week. That is because I am switching up my blogging schedule just a tiny bit. Since I still work 5 days a week at my regular job, it can get pretty busy having to blog every single day of the week, prepping posts in my weekends, making videos, uploading stuff to instagram and youtube and so on.

So I deceided to blog at least 5 days a week, from sundays to thursdays. That way I have enough time to make nice content and still have some time off.

If there are a lot of new products or I have some extra time to actually make more posts, I will definitely share them with you in the same week, even if there are already 5 blog-days :) So far my teeny tiny update <3 Do keep an eye out for my youtube channel, I am uploading about 3 times a week now!

x femketje

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