Freedom Pro Glow Blush – Roar.

I never thought there would ever be a blush or bronzer I would really dislike. But this one by Freedom really doesn’t tickle my fancy or float my boat in any way whatsoever. And that is such a pity because I really love how the blush looks when it is still unused.

For some reason the colours apart from eachother are okay, the brown is too dark for my likings but the soft peachy pink tones are fine on their own. Combined together it is one big muddy mess. Way too dark to use as a blush, let a lone as a contour. The pigmentation isn’t too good either which was something I really didn’t expect since I have had so many good experiences with Freedom as a brand.

The only thing I can be positive about is that this blush/bronzer isn’t expensive at all… well it is when you would buy it yourself because then you’d be throwing away about €3,50.-

x femketje

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