Using Transfer Foils Again For The FIRST TIME IN YEARS! (Born Pretty Store).

Transfer foils, where to begin! I haven’t worked with them in the longest time and I always seem to struggle with them. But I recently got some new pretty foils in aswell as a new foil glue. I still need to work with them more to get it more perfect, but in this video I do show you my fails and how to cover them up ;)

This is my last video of 2019, so happy 2020! I hope you’ll have a lovely NYE surrounded by loved ones. I will be back with a new video on January 1st already, so I’ll talk to you then :D
Don’t forget to use my discount code FEM20 for an additional 20% discount if you want to get some of these polishes or the foils yourself!

x femketje

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5 thoughts on “Using Transfer Foils Again For The FIRST TIME IN YEARS! (Born Pretty Store).”

  1. Ik zag iemand op YouTube die eerst met alcohol over de foil heen ging voor dat ze het op de nagel drukte. En daarna heel hard de foil op de nagels duwde/drukte. Dit werkte volgens haar beter. Geen idee maar misschien werkt het.

    1. Dat werkt niet voor deze foils omdat ze geen paper backing hebben ;)
      Wanneer je met alcohol over deze achterkant gaat is je hele design opgelost en hou je een transparant folie over ^^”

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