Tips & Tricks – Budget Beauty Shopping In Thailand!

As you all have seen in my Thailand haul video, I did buy some beauty stuff when we were on our 3 week trip in Thailand. I really ran into some great deals there, and not just random asian brands we Europeans never heard of before, but also well knows brands world wide. Reason enough for me to share my tips and tricks of stores you can not miss when you are in Thailand and looking for some affordable budgetproof makeup, skincare and nailpolish.

First up I walked into a store called Makeup More in Chiang Mai (in the North part of Thailand), where there was a HUGE collection of different makeupbrands, nailpolishes and skincare. Especially asian brands are found there and it’s also the place where I got those awesome Pokémon makeup items. But I also saw a lot of Maybelline items!

In Chiang Mai but also in Patong (Phuket) I ran into a lot of seven eleven (7eleven) stores and also some Family Mart stores. Both are kind of similar in my opinion and sell next to random supermarket foods a lot of makeup and skincare items such as facial masks with the cutest packaging, facial and bodycreams, and even some BB- and CCcreams. But as far as makeup goes I did find some pretty blushes and a lot of different brow products. Nailpolish wasn’t really represented there, but I did got a cute purple nailpolish for about 24 Thai Baht (just over €0,50) which dried super fast :D

Another somewhat better known store I ran into were Boots drugstores/pharmacies. I think every die hard beauty lover has heard of Boots and it was actually kinda hard not to run into one when you are in Bangkok. I didn’t buy any makeup, skincare or nailpolishes there, but I did see some nice skincare items. The only thing we did buy there were earplugs for traveling by plane and some painkillers since I got super sick while on our trip.

The last store I really wanted to talk about was located in Bangkok on Silom Road to be exact and is called Tsuruha. It is a pretty big drugstore and pharmacy in one, and they even sell Catrice cosmetics! I do think this is originally like a Japanese store due to the name. I did also see a lot of skincare such as whitening creams and facial masks (sheetmasks are a BIG deal there just like trying to be as pale as possible) but I mostly bought gorgeous glittery nailpolishes there for 36 Thai Baht each (almost €1), and some really nice medical oils, lipbalms and tiger balsam.

If you are not feeling well and actually getting pretty sick while staying in Thailand, don’t be scared to walk into tiny pharmacies. Most people working there speak English well enough to understand your pains/struggles and suggest medication which really helped me out quick (and for a decent price aswell).

So far my tips and tricks for beauty shopping on a budget in Thailand!

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  1. Ik ga er waarschijnlijk nooit heen, maar toch lijkt het me wel heel tof om een keer daar te gaan shoppen!

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